I wear shirts with pockets on the front. No I don’t wear a pocket protector with it but I am sure that there are many days my wife wishes that I did. I keep that pocket full and more than once have stained my shirt with a leaky pen. I’m pretty sure I would give an 80’s nerd a run for losing his lunch money. My 3 year old has picked up on this and now he wants to wear shirts that have a pocket like dad. And to take it one step further this morning he told me he needs a crayon for his pocket. Quickly and pointedly I felt the weight of being a dad in this moment. I had to ask myself in what other ways is my son trying to be like dad? I know that there will be many ways that I will be a good example to him and I hope to minimize ways that I am a bad example. But more important than the specific acts I have done or quirks that I have, I believe the person I am becoming is the most important example I can leave him.

In many ways I have idolized my own father.

I remember distinctly my Dads front pocket that always had at least a pen and a pencil with a small pocket calendar that he would get every year at his annual Music Mart music reading session. I am the choir teacher in the same school my dad taught choir for many years. And the list could go on but more important than his pocket or his career I saw my father as a teacher, a leader, last to eat, first to serve, someone who corrected with love, someone respected by peers and community and the list could go on and on. Many people who knew my dad say that I remind them of him and I have always considered this a great compliment.

What legacy will my son see me leave beyond the pocket?

Modern prophets and apostles have often expressed appreciation for their parents, and here are several examples of lessons they learned from their fathers. https://www.lds.org/prophets-and-apostles/unto-all-the-world/fathers-example?lang=eng