A Defining Moment

Everyone has defining moments in their conversion stories. Even as a member born into the church I still had to have my own personal conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For me one of those defining moments was General Conference while I was a senior in high school. I knew it was time to start preparing for my mission and decided a good way to do that would be to attended every session of General Conference. Not just attended by listening on the radio or even staying home and watching on TV but by attending at the stake center for every session. This meant going to church for 10 hours in one weekend.

There is something about attending general conference at the church being dressed up and in the right frame of mind for hearing the words of living prophets. When I got there in the right mood I was able to feel the spirit and ready to write down those feelings I had. This set me on the path to make the proper changes that I needed to be prepared to serve a mission for my savior.

This weekend we have the opportunity to attend General Conference once again. I won’t be attending at the church for every session this time (that wouldn’t be a good idea with my young children.) I will go to the stake center for the priesthood session and on Sunday we will take our family to the church for at least one session. But most importantly we will be listening to the words of God’s prophets and when we are ready and willing to act on the promptings we feel, conference can be a defining moment in each of our conversion stories.



This is an old post I rescued from my lost sight and am posting out of chronological order.