We need more World’s Greatest Dads.

5 Year old: Dad was the Greatest Dad in the world.

Mom: He still is, he will be back.

5 Year Old: No he is only the greatest Dad when he is home.

This is the conversation my wife retold me recently as I took a group of choir students to auditions.

You know what, she is right.

This lesson has been on my mind quite a bit lately.

It has always been important to spend good quality time with my family but something about them growing up is making it hit home a little more. Its probably the fact that they can know communicate with me so clearly (see above). But it also is becoming more and more obvious that having the Greatest Dad in the world at home is necessary for success in this world.

We need more World’s Greatest Dads.

I need to be the World’s Greatest Dad more often.

And once again I think my daughter had it right when she said, “he is the greatest when he is home.”

It’s really not any more complicated than that


Here is great read if you have a little more time 🙂